ORIGIN WORLD DISTRIBUTION is the only company in the world to sell 100% pure natural raw honey or unprocessed and unfiltered honey which harvested in deep tropical rainforest and some even in 50 to 100 million years of tropical rainforest. Southeast Asia hosted the over 100million year of rainforest and cover over 225 million acres of untouched rain forest is the exclusive natural source of our best in the world quality honey.

Malaysia (in the center of Southeast Asia) is the strategic location to collect the fresh harvested Royal black honey .

Our really raw honey’s moisture content can be as low as 23%, and is usually deemed as more valuable and hence is relatively more costly.

According to some raw honey expert, this raw honey (black honey) is far more better than manuka UMF 25+.


Our Royal Black Honey is mostly for export market. Country like Japan, Korea, Europe, Middle East and U.S. . The quality and purity are guarantee by our company. Customer in Malaysia can order from this web site or direct from our office as below address :


1st Floor, 4, Lorong Selamat

10400 Penang, Malaysia

or e.mail to sales@royalblackhoney.com


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Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia ,its rich natural resources like tropical rainforest that available in remote area provide us the advantages that other countries don't have. With our know-how and easy access to rainforest, the sources are ready available for us.

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Southeast Asia has many world class natural resources like coffee luwak - the world most expensive coffee (kopi luwak) ( Indonesia) ; Royal Black honey - the world best raw honey , raw rubber, and petroleum , Asia Arowana - the world most expensive fresh water fish ( Malaysia & Indonesia).